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Bromsgrove Rail User Group

Our Aims

Bromsgrove Rail User Group are committed to:

1. Improving northbound services from Bromsgrove.
This has been achieved, as the extension of the Cross City service to Bromsgrove that began on Sunday 29th July 2018 has increased the number of trains to and from Birmingham from 1 an hour to 4 an hour, with a mix of 3 and 6 car trains.

2. Improving long distance services to and from Bromsgrove, both northbound and southbound.
The only longer distance trains that stop are those providing the hourly service between Hereford and Birmingham.
Passengers wishing to travel south to Cheltenham and Bristol need firstly to go north to University or Birmingham New Street to board a long distance train, which then travels back through Bromsgrove. This adds expense and time to what could be a straightforward journey. Each day, 94 Cross Country trains pass through Bromsgrove without stopping. If some of these stopped at Bromsgrove regularly throughout the day then local passengers would have easier access to Cheltenham interchange and the West Country.
When Worcester Parkway is in operation, BRUG would want direct links to it.

3. Reducing serious overcrowding on the mostly inadequate service from Hereford.
These hourly trains (with additional services in the rush hour) are often full when they arrive at Bromsgrove. Higher capacity trains are needed on this service.

To that end we are involved in consultations with DfT, Sajid Javid MP and Worcestershire CC.
BRUG submitted a comprehensive response to the DfT consultation on the next Cross Country franchise.