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Barnt Green Station

Barnt Green station was opened in 1844. It stands at the junction of the Redditch branch of the Cross-City Line and the Cross Country Route. The station was threatened with closure following the publication of the Beeching Report in 1963 but subsequently reprieved.

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Barnt Green

Barnt Green Station, 7th August 2018

Old footbridge

The original footbridge

New footbridge

The new footbridge in position with the old footbridge, now dismantled, behind it.

A new footbridge with increased clearance for 25kV running wires was built in 2015. The old footbridge was dismantled and purchased by a private individual, but it is not known where it is now. The new bridge has provision for lifts but these have not been installed. As a result there is step free access to platforms 1 and 4 only.
Update at 19 January 2021: Things are progressing with Network Rail (NR) from whom Barnt Green Parish Council received an update yesterday. NR’s assurance panel has agreed the contractor. The next big step should be the award of the contract for design in the spring. In the interim, various documents are being produced and in a month’s time NR hope to be able to say how the designers will go about their programme. By way of reminder, though footfall is a strong supporting argument, the point here is that lifts should have been installed in 2015 to comply with the Equality Act.
There is no PA system and information screen on platform 1. There is a small (charged) car park adjacent to platform 4.

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